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Captain Chuck
72' Hat
Cruising my 72' Hatteras Yacht 2013


The Cruise to my first stop Grand Bahama Island and Freeport.
Summer 2013 - I was then 73 years old.

Here is the story of my last vessel, a 72' Hatteras motor yacht.

Ok, we left Fort Pierce and head down towards Miami, but we only go for about 2 hours and wind up in a nice area called Port St Lucie, where we anchored up for the evening. The reason is that if we left from Ft. Pierce, it is into the whatever seas the whole way and then might wind up in the dark. So we anchor up for a plesant even. Next morning we head for Freeport which is the most Northern Islands in the Bahamas. A very small town (if you can call it that). It got wiped out a couple times by Hurricains and a kind of a ghost town now (as of this writting 2013) but still manned by the Coast Guard and can check into the bahamas there. (Foot Note) Freeport was a very thriving town once. It was one of the hottest places for really big Foshing Tourmanets. People brought their very expensive Fish vessels from all over for the big fish tournaments.

After check in a short wait, we checked in and anchored near the port to stay for the night and then went ashore for exploring. There was not much to see, eveerythig wiped out. Just shells of buildings left. So we were there for a few hours, then back to the boat.

Next day we dived for some conch and some lobster then we cruised towards Green Turtle Cay. We fished and dove for lobster on the way and should have plenty of lobster and conch on board before night fall. We will anchor up in a nice cove for the evening. We have kayak's and dingy's for those that want to do some exploring before dark.

A few days and we're off to Marsh Harbor for a short stay and then off again.

We will anchor there for a couple days and plenty of time for swimming, diving, snorkeling going ashore for shopping and exploring. A nice town with great people, a place on the list of good visits. Once we decide to go on we will head to a couple more close by Islands that are fun to explore, photo shoot, beach walks etc. Then in a day or se we will be odd to Marsh Harbor for a day or two. Most all places have some sort of town and places to visit. This is not a place for swimming or snorkeling. Once we leave that area we will be headed towards many other Islands. Some days we may not stop, but most days we will be visiting Islands. There is much history in these Islands and each Islands seems to be as good or better then the last. We will be visiting most of the Islands and we are in no hurry. We will be fishing almost daily and normally not be stopping, we can fish while under way. Diving for lobster will be done often to keep a good supply of those tasty little critters on board. You have not had conch until you have had fresh conch and the recipes from the Bahamas. we have an abundance of fresh Conch a well.

Please send photos, videos, comments to: thank you.

Cleaning Conch Grand Bahama

This was an ongoing project and fun for all.

My friends did join me in their 50 sailboat. They also have many talents in writing and photography, we expect to make this a joint venture. We will be taking our time and visiting places along the way. We have a lot of ground we will be covering in the next couple years. We hope you will come along for the ride. We may even find a way to have visitors, maybe YOU for a few days? Please stay tuned, and thanks again for visiting.

Diving for conch

This site is for you and what you will find below is what you will get on a weekly basis if you sign up to our Monthly subscription that will fund our trip to Sea of Cortez in Mexico between the Baja and mainland Mexico. We will be filming all the way and you will get our updates weekly with description and photos/film. Cruising by any means is normally not cheap. Cruising by sailboat is the least expensive but slowest and also depends on what your needs are and what you are accustomed to and if you can afford to continue that way of life. We are a bit older and sailing now is more then we can handle, but with the spirit of adventure and cruising in my blood whatever it takes to be able to cruise i will do what it takes. I am so tuned into being on the water that being on land now is not fun.

Where's my baby? Margarita My Shih tzu

These photos below by my sailing friends
Tim & Amber Olmsted. Photo's from their 50' Sailboat
photos by Amber
More Abacos Wild Pigs

Ok, Moved on and cruised to Abacos

Earlier Feb 2013 As of this writing right now I am in the Abacos. Feb 4th, 2013.

(the owner) I left from Fort Pierce, Florida, (my home base) on Monday and cruised down to Lakeworth FL for the evening (Palm Beach). I was towing a 23' sea ray I had brought along (big mistake). I docked for the evening at the Sailfish Resort Marina. Nice dinner at the restaurant and early to bed. Tues morning I headed directly to Mangrove Cay in the Bahamas. (all the Cay's in the Bahamas are pronounced KEY's by the locals. Most people I know call them Cay like they are printed. Either way I guess will work). A very nice crossing and a very nice evening at anchor at Mangrove Cay. Had a nice dinner and off to sleep early which is a new twist for me as I am usually up until midnight or more. Up at 6:30am Wednesday to watch the awesome sunrise and after, a nice breakfast. Well today I spent the day anchored up here at Mangrove Cay to really get ship shape with a good job of cleaning-up and putting things away. Doing some small repairs and etc. Off to bed early. Up at the crack of dawn Thus, interesting this going to bed early and getting up early I seem to have more energy and getting a lot done during the day. But I seem to be having to run the generator way too much have to figure out why?

(The owner) Ok up early and set sail (so to speak being a power boat) this morning and off to Green Turtle Cay. Very nice and calm weather. I decided not to go to Green Turtle Cay as our friends (in their sailboat) would not have made it until after dark so decided to anchor up in a place called Crab Cay for the evening. There is more then one crab cay in the Bahamas. It was real nice when I pulled in and my friends were anchored near by. I invite them over for a couple Margaritas and some chips and dip. I turned on some nice blues music via iTunes (we both like) and had a good time. They left in their dingy just before dark.

Friday: Oops I got up at 5:30am as I had not reset my clock when I had not used shore power in Palm Beach area and the clock was off. Oh well it does feel good to get up early have coffee and watch the sunrise and take some photo's. Not a nice morning, winds out of the South West at around 17 to 20, kicking up some 1-3' seas. We were going to go in to Spanish Cay to check in with Customs but decided to go to our original plan and went to Green Turtle Cay. ( Have since found out that you are required to check in and the first available Customs office when entering a foreign country) We both anchored out and my friends brought there dingy over and three of us went in to Customs. Now only the Captains are supposed to get off during check-in but pretty casual there I guess. So anyway the three of us left the vessel and went in. We did our thing and paid our $300 fishing license's received our 90 day stay cruising good for a year and just need to renew every 90 days if we are still in the Bahamas that long. Then back to the boats. We motored to another area a more protected anchorage for the SW winds. Ok, now we can legally fish and dive for lobster and conch. We can now legally go to any of the beaches, towns or uninhabited Islands etc. BUT too cold and windy today for diving or fishing.

How good is it, when you hear it is better in the Bahamas it is very true, yes not a great day but better then most places at this time of the year even on a bad day it is a good day. Would I rather be in NY City or Boston here on this Friday Feb 8th while a very big snow storm is taking place there, one of the worst in many years, Uh I don't think so. Yes even with a bit of wind outside I am sitting here in my underwear and that's all, the doors are open and it is 8:30pm, so yep this is where I would rather be, thank you very much.

6:30 pm well a nice shrimp stir fry and a glass of wine and writing this story. For some reason I can't pickup the satellite reception for my TV except in spurts, so not worth trying tonight. I knew that some area's would be difficult. So be it, just as well and I can get some more things done like this continuing story.

Tomorrow Sat we are supposed to head to a place called Marsh Harbor. Now all that you read here can be looked up on the internet or Google Earth so you can be there as well. Just type in the name like "Green Turtle Cay". Well I have some problems on my vessel with having to run the generator sets 24 hours a day so I are going to have to head back to get things fixed. So back to Fort Pierce. I will be heading straight back to Fort Pierce, FL from here tomorrow morning, tonight I will anchor up near the Little Bahama Banks, then head out in the morning.

Sat: Not a nice day, lots of wind but out I go, but I do have to do just a little bit of fishing before I leave this area. Just off the little Bahamas Banks now I drop in a line with a frozen ballyhoo. Almost immediately I get hit, nice size fish. So I crank for a bit then stick the pole in the rod holder to make sure all is well for crossing over the banks. Then back to the pole I did this twice. Pretty good size waves now with nothing to block them, but being a big baot, not bad. But I finally get the nice Mahi Mahi in. They sure are colorful and will make some nice dinners when I get back. Once under way now on auto pilot I cleaned the fish and steaked it up and into freezer except enough for dinner that night. Kind of a bumpy crossing, but the further out the more it is laying down just a bit, not the best but good enough. Ok, not a bad crossing, wind at my port stern, South/West. Ok, back in the marina and in my slip.

Stay tuned for next episode.

May 2013. Ok, I am still in the marina in Fort Pierce and my friends in their sailboat are also here and finally getting ready to do the big trip. Possibly to Sea of Cortez. We want to leave by the end of May for the Bahamas and work our way down to Panama. Stay tuned folks and drop a line. I will have recipes, How-To, many tips and you tell me what you would like to see, thanks.

OK, this cruise is over and I have sold my 72' Vessel. Now seeking another vessels for the next cruises. I am looking at a 65' Vessel in Alabama. That woudl be quite a trip as i would want to bring it to Southern California where I live.

P.S. I did bring it to Southern California and Chula Vista marina, just below San Diego, Calif.

I bought a another boat and here is my 43' CHB Trawler and in
Washinton State. Stay tuned for the cruise to the San Juan Islands

P.S. I sold that vessel as well and seeking a much
larger vessel and possible partner(s). Drop a line